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Five Questions to Attract the Right Clients

Finding the right clients can be a real struggle and it’s not only something we deal with when starting. This is work we’ll continue to do if we want to start, sustain and even grow our businesses. Today, I share five questions that can help you level up your clientele. Follow at Music by

I Wish I Would Have Known – Part 3: Networking is Not an Option

The series “I Wish I Would Have Known” continues with a topic that seems obvious yet many of us don’t do it OR we don’t know how to do it. Tune in to this episode as I share my journey in networking. Follow at Music by

Welcome to The Creative DBA Podcast

Karie Williams is a career coach, educator, and creative business owner with a passion for helping creatives win at business. Join her as she launches The Creative DBA Podcast. A podcast for creatives doing business as freelancers and solopreneuers that covers topics related to money, marketing, and mindset. Follow me at Music by